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SURE SLICE SSG350AV semi-auto gravity feed slicer

Manufacturer No: SSG350AV


Model SSG330ASA is an aluminium semi-automatic gravity feed slicer ideally suited to slice all cooked and cured meats, cheese, vegetables and fruit. This professional machine is ideal for food service, butchers and supermarket use.


•Two individual motors to drive the carriage and knife. This provides more power and durability. 
•Integral knife sharpener to keep a keen edge on the blade, ensures quality slices and minimum waste
•Carriage driven by a crank mechcanisum, provides power to the table drive perticularly when slicing large products and cheese.
•The machine can be used in automatic mode or manual (carriage movement)
•Two switch control system for carriage and knife motors
•Variable speed control


•350mm knife

•Variable Carriage speed

•Capacity (rectangle) 270 x 210mm
•Capacity (round) 240mm
•Slice thickness 0-30mm
•Overall dimensions 700 x 660 x 750mm
•Net weight 56kg

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