Sure Range Mixer Grinder Range

The SURE RANGE mixer ginder range consists of table top and floor standing models, in 30kg and 90kg mixing capacities

Sure Range Bone Saw Range

The SURE RANGE bone saw range consists of two table top and three floor standing full stainless steel models.

Sure Range Mincer Range

The SURE RANGE mincer range consists of three groups of models, including economy, mid range and professional machines.

Sure Range Sausage Filler Range

The SURE RANGE sausage filler range consists of both hydraulic and manual models

Sure Range Horizontal Meat Mixer Range

These machines are used extensively in the meat and food industries. Ideal for sausage and burger mixes, sauces and other processed foods such as coleslaws and sandwich fillings, also suitable for powder and ingredient mixes.

Burger Formers

With today's trend toward fresh gourmet burgers, and the new pre-seasoned ready to cook burgers concept, these machines offer a quick and easy way to produce just the right amount of FRESH burger patties whenever they are needed.

Sure Range Meat Tenderisers And Strip Cutters.

This SURE RANGE consists of an electric tenderiser, strip cutters and a manual whole joint tenderiser. These machines tenderise meat, opening up the meat product and breaking up sinew, producing a more tender cut of meat. The strip cutters slice meat and veg into strips, ideal for stir fry.

Fish Processing Equipment

Equipment ideal for fish processing in semi-industrial, retail and catering applications.

Sure Range Knife Sanitisers

This range keeps knives sterile to meet HACCP and other hygiene requirements. Five models available, including three UV models.